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Can you offer a home to Golden Oldies Mitzy, Lucy and Winnie?

The girls have a combined age of 168 and RSPCA staff are desperate to keep them together

They were handed in to the charity in January as their owners sadly could no longer care for them

So the RSCPA is looking for a very special home so the three girls don’t need to be separated.
Mitzy is ten, Lucy is 11 and Winnie is nine, giving them a combined age of 30, or 168 in dog years.
The girls love fuss and attention while out on walks and having been a trio most of their lives they’re the best of friends.
Sadly, dogs over the age of seven take three times as long to rehome – 48 days – compared to just 15 days for younger dogs.
It’s also difficult to find adopters who are happy to take three dogs.
But Zoe Barrett from the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich branch who is caring for them says she is determined to find a home for the gorgeous golden oldies.

“We want to get them into a home and out of kennels,” she said.

“We know it will be difficult to find a home prepared to take on all three elderly dogs – but we don’t have the heart to separate them. However, we know we will be able to rehome them really easily individually so it may come to that eventually as we don’t want them stuck in kennels.
“They are absolutely lovely, affectionate girls who have been together most of their lives. They’re playful and loving so we’d like them to go to a retirement home where they can play with each other before cuddling up for a nap together.”

Could they be any more cute?

Ideally their new home would be with no cats and they could live with older children

They all walk nicely on the lead and enjoy getting out and about to explore but their favourite thing is getting fuss and attention from people.
As a senior dog mum – Daisy is 13 this year so older than all these lovely girls – I can assure you that older dogs still have so much to give.
Daisy doesn’t run off for hours on end like she used to but is lively and fun, and loves a cuddle.
I can’t imagine the heartbreak the owner of these lovely girls must have been through having to give them up. So I really hope they can stay together.
“We know a lot of people are put off by adopting older dogs but these cheeky little terriers are still full of life and would be ideal for some families,” Zoe added.
“They are the best of friends so if we can find someone who is willing to take on all three then that would be wonderful!”

The gorgeous girls are best friends and would love to stay together

Do you have space in your home – and heart – for these three lovable friends?

For more information about these sweet dogs, please visit their online profile or contact Martlesham Animal Centre by calling 0300 999 7321 or emailing

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