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Meet Shadow, the pup saved from a South Korean meat farm

Shadow when Dr Mugford found her in South Korea.

Shadow was a helpless dog facing a certain death at a South Korea meat farm.

When this picture of her with two other dogs was taken, her paws had only ever touched the metal bars in her cage.

She’s spent her life in squalor having only liquid food and would have witnessed other dogs suffer terrible deaths.
Not surprisingly, she melted the heart of Animal Welfare campaigner Dr Roger Mugford from The Company of Animals.

When he set eyes on the helpless dog, he had to take her home and now she lives with him on his farm in Devon.

He recalled: “I saw her in her cage and I just could not resist her.

She had a look in her eyes that said, ‘get me out of here,’ and that’s what we did.

“Shadow had spent all her life in that cage, walking on two inch mesh wire with her tiny feet going through the holes.
“You can’t imagine it. They don’t have water and they pump liquid food in and that’s what they eat.
“Outside the cages lie dead rats and puppies. The noise and smell of the terrified animals is utterly heartbreaking.”

Roger, a leading vet and pet psychologist, his friend, Downton Abbey actor and animal campaigner Peter Egan and Lola Webber travelled to South Korea last Autumn.
All three were there on behalf of Humane Society International.
An estimated 2.5 million dogs due to be slaughtered this year in South Korea.
Astonishingly, it’s the only country in the world that practises intensive dog meat farming.
There are more than 15,000 farms across the country filled with petrified animals.

They are leading a campaign to change the hearts and minds of Korean people.

It aims to help them understand that street dogs are just the same as pet dogs.

Two of the seven dogs they brought to the UK are now working at the Medical Detection Dogs centre at Milton Keynes, helping diagnose cancer.
Roger said: “They’ve gone from being dogs that nobody valued to dogs that everyone values because they are saving lives.

Shadow with Roger, just after she had been released from her cage.

“We want this message to reach people in Korea because it may help them understand every dog has the same potential.
“It sounds obvious but Koreans believe there are two types.
“There’s the street dogs that you have to eat and kill and impose any amount of unkindness on them with no protection in the law.
“Whereas pet dogs are protected by similar welfare legislation to we have here.
“You cant beat them in the street or kick them and do horrible things to them if they’re pets.
“But if they’re meat dogs, they are electrocuted, beaten, starved, and boiled alive.”

Thankfully for Shadow, her ending is a happy one. The cute terrier is loving her new life here.

She follows Roger wherever he goes and enjoying trips to pub beer gardens with him and Peter Egan.
Roger said: “She has had to be completely re-socialised.
“She’s settled in fantastically and loves coming with me to the office or to the pub where people make a fuss of her.
“We believe every dog should be happy in a loving home so we hope her story will reach where she came from and help change attitudes towards animals.”

The Humane Society International is working tirelessly to close down meat farms.

They reach out to the farmers who want to leave the meat trade and embark on a humane livelihood.
You can help by signing a petition at, or by donating on their website, or offer a home to one of the dogs they have rescued.
Find out more at and if you are doing something remarkable like Roger, I’d love to hear your story.

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