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Adorable trio of terriers aged 168 find their forever home!

Last month we shared an appeal from the RSPCA to find a home for Golden Oldies Winnie, Mitzy and Lucy.

The charity was concerned their age might put off potential adopters. But we have some fantastic news – they have found a home together!
Dog lover Sophie Barham and her family who run the Dingle Hill Tea Rooms and Holiday Cottages in Dunwich in Suffolk have adopted the girls from the Ipswich and Suffolk East branch of the RSPCA.
Sophie sadly lost her ten-year-old dog Millie just before Christmas and went to the shelter looking to rehome a younger dog.

The girls are relaxed and happy with Sophie in their new home!

But she saw the three girls and fell in love

Sophie said: “We couldn’t leave them there and while we were looking for a younger dog they were all so sociable and friendly that we decided to take them.
“When we heard that their owners had to go to a retirement home it really did move us and the thought of the girls being separated was heartbreaking.
“It’s harder to rehome older dogs, particularly when there is three of them but I knew from having Millie who was ten that senior dogs have so much energy.
“Millie was in good health and enjoyed going running with me until she had a seizure which was completely unexpected and had to be put to sleep.
“It’s lovely to have the dogs and ensure they have a happy time in their golden years.”

The girls looking gorgeous after their first trip to the groomers!

Sophie, 29, says running the family business means she is lucky to be with the dogs every day

Even though they have each other for company, they’re never left alone.
And each dog has their own personality too.
Sophie explained: “Mitzy is ten and is quiet and likes to sleep a lot. She likes a little walk and loves cuddles and belly rubs.
“Winnie is nine, the youngest, and she’s bouncy and active. Lucy is the oldest at 11 but is still lively. She squeaks with excitement when we get ready to go for walks.
“Lucy is the leader, she is loud and in charge of the other girls, and they are all such lovely characters.
“Where we live is close to the beach and everyone knows them and makes a huge fuss of them. They appeared on the front page of our local newspaper so they’re like celebrities!”

The girls are super chilled in their new home!

Sophie has had dogs since she was five and says she feels it’s important for would be owners to consider a rescue

And she hopes their story will inspired others to do the same. She said: “Everyone who meets them thinks it’s lovely that we’ve taken all three of them and they could stay together.
“They’re only little and no trouble at all and it’s been lovely to give them a happy home.”
Zoë Barrett, from RSPCA Suffolk East & Ipswich Branch, said she was incredibly happy to have kept the cute trio together.
She said:”It was touch and go as to whether anyone would come forward, one dog is a big commitment let alone three, so you can imagine our joy when this wonderful family came forward!”
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