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Top ten summer products for dogs and their owners

Summer spells fun for you and your dog and there is a fantastic variety of accessories on the market that you can enjoy.

With so many brilliant dog friendly events taking place all over the country and many of us going on staycations, I decided to round up the essentials for dog owners.

These are my top 10 summer products for dogs and their owners

Dog walking bag

I know I’ve written about this before but I never go anywhere without my dog walking bag which has a built in poo bag carrier at the front. There’s enough room for Patch’s toys, treats, a ball and a water bottle, plus my purse and a pocket at the back for my phone.

Dog walking bag £44.99 from the Cosy Canine Company.

dog walking bag
Patch and his personalised bag

Leak proof water bottle

This water bottle is brilliant as it’s got a built in bowl and doesn’t leak in your bag. You push the lock button to let the water through into the bowl, then push the larger button and the water comes out. When they’ve had enough, you can tip the water back in the bottle, lock it again and there’s no spills.

Water bottle £8.99 Amazon*
(*denotes an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through and buy, I receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay)

We love this travel water bottle!

Chill Core Mat

Lots of people on my Facebook page and in my community recommended a cool mat. This one is durable, can be used inside and outdoors, and made of cooling gel technology. It’s a reasonable price and has good reviews.

Chill Core Mat £16 Rosewood Pet on Amazon*

Dog cologne

I have tried these on Patch and he’s not keen and woofs at me. But Kerry Jordan mentioned using it is ideal for freshening up your car, dog beds and furniture as it’s kind to their fur and skin.

Canine Cologne £9.99 The Dog and I

Canine Cologne from The Dog and I

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Drying Towel

We were kindly gifted this drying towel by Christine at Soggy Doggy and it’s ideal for trips to the beach or if your dog likes splashing in water. Patch has short hair but this is super absorbent and a summer must-have.

Towel £20

Our friend Poppy from Dotty4Paws and her towel

Cooling bandana

We picked this up at Dogfest a few years ago and it’s lasted well. It’s a bandana made of material that’s designed to absorb water and feel cool but without wetting your dog that you soak in water then wring out and put on them.

RRP £10

Daisy in her bandana

Dogrobes robe

These are super handy if you’re on holiday with your dog, need to give them a bath but don’t want the wet dog smell all over someone else’s furniture. Hattie at the Cornish Dog kindly gifted us ours. Patch wears a small.

Dogrobe £33.90 for a small Dogrobes on Amazon*

Patch in his doggy dressing gown

First Aid kit

Don’t get caught out when you’re out and about with your dog, as if they get any cuts, nicks, injuries or ticks, you want to make sure you have everything you need to help them. I like this kit by Pawly.

First Aid Kit £22.99 by Pawly on Amazon*

(for hands on advice, read our First Aid with Rachel Bean for advice on all things dog)

The Pawly Pet first aid kit

Paddling Pool

My friend Jane gave us this a few years ago for Daisy as she already had one for her boxer Layla – check her out on Instagram too @laylathewhiteboxerdog  This was a kids one but now, two years on, they make them for pets so your dog can have a dip whenever they fancy.

Paddling pool £16.99 Amazon*

Do you have any summer must have products?

I’d love to hear them so leave a comment or tag us in your posts on social media @thepawpostuk.

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