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Doglost Appeal – can you help find Ruby, Finn and Tilly?

Have you thought about what you would do if your dog went missing or was stolen?

Figures by the Kennel Club show that 70,000 pets are missing in the UK and even if they’re microchipped it’s not compulsory to scan at a vets.

If you lose your pet, help is out there from which is run completely by volunteers and was set up to support owners.

You can read why Jayne Hayes set it up Doglost after her own dog Hermes was stolen.

If you need help, contact Doglost and they will provide a poster template to share locally plus social media appeal advice.

You must contact your microchip company and report your dog stolen and report theft to the police so you get a crime reference number.

Don’t give up as many pets do find their way home. We share stories to help families and this month our appeal is for Finn, Tilly and Ruby.

Missing terriers Ruby and Finn
Ruby, Finn and Ted with Greg’s mum Patricia

Missing Terriers Finn and Tilly

Finn and Tilly are brother and sister and are two years old. They went missing in Broadbottom near Hyde on April 10th 2019.

Owned by Greg Ward, they were out on a walk with a family member and went missing while exploring some woodland.

Greg said: “They were with their brother Ted and went playing in the woodland. Like many dogs, they were enjoying a mad run around.

“Ted came back but Finn and Tilly didn’t and they haven’t been seen since.

“If someone has picked them up I want them to know they are from a very loving home and we just want to know they’re safe.”

Both dogs have distinctive markings and Greg hopes someone will recognise them.

Finn is a male, mixed breed terrier and has a white, medium length coat with a small brown patch above his tail and with brown and black ears.

Missing Terrier Finn
Finn has coloured patches on his ears

Tilly is smaller with white shorter hair coat, brown patches & brown ears. Neither had a collar on and both are microchipped.

Missing Terrier Tilly
Tilly is white with brown patches

Greg added: “I searched local areas for days and weeks, especially the woodland area where they went missing, in case they had gone down an animal hole or were trapped.

“But I have found no signs or evidence around the badger sets. They liked chasing small animals but I never saw them attempting to run into holes.

“I’ve spoken to all local farmers and they’ve not seen them and I’ve put up thousands of posters in local towns, villages, pubs, shops and on social media.

“They are fantastic and very sociable little dogs with bags of character and a big part of my family, we are all really missing them.

“It’s the not knowing part that’s hard to live with too. If anyone reading knows anything please get in touch.

“I have a sizeable reward for their return and want them hope, I have to keep hoping someone recognise them.”

Doglost case Finn and Tilly
Finn, Ted and Tilly on a walk

Greg would like to hear from anyone who can help and can be called on 07486 386 268 by email at

If anyone has any information relating to Finn and Tilly’s case or knows where they are, please do contact DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 142473 for Finn and 142474 for Tilly.

Click here to see their Doglost profile.

Missing Saluki Cross Ruby
Ruby at home with one of her toys

Missing Ruby, a Whippet, Saluki and Greyhound Cross

Ruby went missing while on a walk on fields behind Amersham hospital in Buckinghamshire on April 5th 2018.

She was out with her brother Louis and owner Rae Barnett and ran ahead into a field and simply vanished at around 8.20pm.

Rae said: “Ruby was out in front with her tail up and enjoying her run with my partner, but he stopped to wait for Louis and I.

“She ran into the next field which was our usual route. When we entered the field a minute or two later she was nowhere to be seen.

“It was the first hot Bank Holiday weekend and we went out later than usual.

“We repeated the exact same walk the next day and saw lots of rabbits and we assumed she chased them and became lost but she always came back when you called her.”

Missing Saluki Ruby Doglost appeal
Ruby out on a walk

Ruby has distinct markings too.

She is red in colour with a white patch on her chest and black eye liner, around 25in long and slender build.

She is chipped and neutered and friendly to people but not so keen on other dogs.

Despite her story being covered in national and local media she still hasn’t been found and Rae posts her story on social media every day.

Ruby at home with Louis

She said: “We won’t give up. We have searched everywhere, roads, undergrowth for days after.

“We used tracker dogs, drones and even  took a helicopter up to cover a lot of local land.

“Every day we hope for news. We have her bed and toys ready for when she comes home. Louis is heartbroken too, he hasn’t been the same dog since.

“If anyone knows anything please contact us. We can offer a significant reward and we want to know she is safe.”

Rae and missing Doglost case Ruby
Ruby and Rae

If anyone has any information relating to Ruby’s case or knows where she is, please do contact DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 128717

You can visit Ruby’s Doglost profile here.

Rae’s Find Ruby Facebook link is here.

The chances of pets being found are greatly increased when they are made ‘too hot to handle.’

This means the more people know what they look like and that they are missing, the better, so please share to help the families.

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