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Could your Muddy Dog win the crown as the UK’s muckiest pup with Distinctive Pets?

Are you the proud owner of the UK’s muckiest pup? 

If so you could be in for a haul of goodies as Distinctive Pets searches for the nation’s most loveable scruff.

To celebrate Muddy Dog Day which is taking place on October 29th 2022, Jo Milnes, founder of the pet lifestyle website, is hosting a fabulous giveaway.

Jo created the day because as the owner of three mud loving Labradors, Muppet, Molly and Rosie, she’s had to wave goodbye to all things clean and see the funny side as her dogs roll in all kinds of filth.

When she shared her experiences on social media, lots more mums and dads of dirty dogs said they could relate too, so she gave them their own special day.

We spoke to her all about life with Muddy Dogs, how to get involved and how you could be in with a chance to win an amazing clean up kit!

Jo Milnes, founder of Muddy Dog Day and Muppet, Molly and Rosie
Jo Milnes, founder of Muddy Dog Day and Molly, Muppet and Rosie

Hi Jo, can you tell us about Distinctive Pets

Yes, I set up my business in 2016 after my daughter left for uni and I had a bit more time on my hands.

I had my own dogs, and I’d just started Slimming World and was thinking about healthy food for me, and it got me thinking about my dog’s nutrition.

I began researching for healthy food and natural treats for them, and then products for them, sourced from small businesses, and had the idea to make it a business.

Now, I have an online shop on my website and I do in person events selling items for dogs, dog lovers and for the home.

The girls with Jo’s daughter’s terrier!

Tell us about your own dogs 

So I have three Labradors, Muppet, who is a ten-year-old Black Labrador. She’s loves playing with her ball and can be quite demanding on attention.

Then there’s Molly, who is a five-year-old Red Labrador. She should really be a working Gun Dog and she also loves her ball but won’t share it!

She’s great at herding the other dogs, particularly Rosie when she goes off exploring.

Finally, there’s Rosie, the youngest, who is two. She’s a Black Labrador who is very cuddly and loves being a mucky pup.

She doesn’t care how dirty she gets! She loves adventures, chasing birds and hares and thank goodness has never caught one.

The thing all three have in common is that they love mud! 

What’s life like with three muddy dogs?  

It’s lots of fun but it can be hard work being the mum to three mud loving Labradors especially after a muddy walk.

Trying to get three in a position to let them through into the house and stop them from shaking wet mud on walls and cupboards. 

This dry summer has been a pleasure but they do make me smile when they get wet and dirty.

How did the idea for the day come about?

Having three dogs who love mud, you have to be able to see the funny side when they hurl themselves into puddles and swamps.

I’ve got to do the clean up and it’s part of life with them, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It was when I shared what it was like having mucky pups on social media that other people either said they could relate or just laughed.

I realised it was something we could actually turn into a celebration, where people could have a giggle about their dogs, share photos and make other people smile too.

So that’s what the day is for, making people smile, and we need that after the last few years!

How do people join in?

Show of their muddy dogs and have fun! Post as many photos or videos as you like, this is the day to do it!

You can use the #MuddyDogDay hashtag and tag me @distinctivepets on social media to be in with a chance to win the title of the UK’s muckiest pup.

Other ideas are to meet up with a friend and your dogs for a walk in the countryside, take your dog on a new walk and maybe find some more mud.

You could treat you and your dog to some new winter walking gear or one of our Muddy Dog Clean Up kits or one of the muddy dog products.

Really I just want people to enjoy the day, and even if your dog doesn’t love mud, you can still get involved!

Tell us about the competition

So there is an amazing bundle you can win, including a personalised hoodie!

In the prize worth over £100 is…

  • Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat and Drying Mitts
  • Natural Soap  with Coconut oil in a sisel bag for easy cleaning.
  • Nose & Paw Balm from The Dog & I
  • A bag of treats.
  • An ‘Owned by Britain’s Muddiest Dog 2022’ hoodie!

All people need to do to join in is share a muddy photo on social media with the #MuddyDogDay hashtag and tag me. (See the links below to go direct to each platform)

You can also download the Muddy Dog Survival guide on my website too.

What are your hopes for the day?

That we flood the internet with Muddy Dogs, everyone has a really good laugh, I get to see lots of funny photos and it would be lovely to trend on Twitter again.

More than anything, it’s a day to appreciate our dogs. 

This is the awesome prize you could be in with a chance to win

Find out more about Jo and download your Muddy Dog Survival Guide

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