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Can you help find missing cats Kobe and Clooney?

This month’s Doglost appeal is one with a difference – as it’s for two missing cats who are both on the site.

Danella and Toni are desperate for news on where their cats Kobe and Clooney are – both owners fear they were stolen.

Research from Sainsburys Bank earlier this year found 60 cats and dogs go missing every day.

This month we are shining a light on the two cat parents in the hope it may lead to their beloved pets being found.

Missing Siamese Kobe
Missing Siamese Kobe vanished from Sevenoaks in August

Missing Siamese Kobe

Kobe went missing from Sevenoaks in Kent on August 21st after being let outside at by owner Danella Scott.

He wore a GPS collar and Danella last saw him at 5.30am. She checked his location at 1.30pm and saw he was in a nearby field.

But when she checked it again, he hadn’t moved. Concerned, she went to the field and found the collar lying on the ground.

Danella said: “We are all heartbroken. I was searching for him for six hours a day after he first went missing.

“Now down to about three hours as I’ve done so much. I’ve been sleeping on the stairs so I can hear the catflap if he comes home.

“He is a Siamese – he loves people. He wouldn’t just wander off. I know he’s been stolen and I’m so desperate to know he’s safe.”

Missing cat Kobe and Danella
Kobe and Danella

Danella breaks down in tears at least four times a day and is consumed by grief.

She’s even hired a private detective at the cost of £1000 to find him.

Kobe is a Siamese lilac point tabby, 18 months old and is neutered and microchipped.

Danella says he is a very playful cat and loves riding in the car, playing fetch, scampering around in the rain and playing hide and seek and cuddling up to his twin sister Jasmine.

Kobe also has a genetic blood condition known as Factor 12 and needs blood transfusions.

Danella said: “I am frightened for him, I’m scared someone may have hurt him. My 11-year-old son is heartbroken.

“We are all finding it so hard. We just want to know he’s safe and for him to come home. No questions will be asked.”

You can contact Danella through her Facebook page for Kobe:

And if you have any information about Kobe you can contact Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 147568 or visit Kobe’s page on Doglost here. 

Missing Clooney
Clooney has been missing since June 2013

Missing Siamese Clooney

Toni Clarke has been searching for her Siamese cat Clooney for more than six years.

He is a Seal Point Siamese and was nearly four when he was taken from her home in Hemblington in Norfolk on June 13th 2013.

Toni had a courier call at her house on the day Clooney vanished and fears this may be linked to the case.

She said: “We don’t know if he jumped in the vehicle or was taken, but the thing we can be sure of is that that is how he left our lives.

“Clooney is a large Siamese boy, very noticeable and we live down a rural road, far from any traffic, and I work from home so I knew his every move.

“Disappearance is a loss like no other; it is an open-ended grief and torment that doesn’t heal when there are no answers.”

Toni Clarke and Clooney
Toni Clarke and Clooney

Toni has searched tirelessly for him, posting thousands of appeals on social media

She has never stopped searching, going to every postcode on the list from the courier company hoping he may have jumped out.

Toni says his loss has left her irreparably broken and what’s even more distressing is that she has been told he has been scanned twice at vets nearby.

She said: “Clooney was the biggest personality! He is a huge boy, very striking and a gentle soul who took total ownership of me.

“He had so much character and was very intelligent, knowing how to open my heavy latch oak doors by hanging by his paws until the lock opened!

“Clooney just loved being close to me, cuddling up on my lap or lying next to me in bed. I miss him so much and won’t rest until I know what has happened.”

Toni has a Facebook page where you can get in touch:

If you have any information on Clooney, you can also contact Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 58136 or visit Clooney’s page on Doglost here.

Fern’s Law and how YOU can help by signing to make it compulsory for vets to scan each new patient

Toni is supporting Fern’s Law, a campaign to make it compulsory for vets to scan each new patient when they are brought in their surgery.

Campaigners are calling for this to be cross checked with the Microchip companies in order to reunite thousands of missing pets.

Toni says: “It’s a huge missing piece in the jigsaw and without it what is the point of having a microchip?”

You can find out more and sign a petition on the Fern’s Law Facebook page here:

The chances of pets being found are greatly increased when they are made ‘too hot to handle.’

This means the more people know what they look like and that they are missing, the better, so please share to help the families.

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