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Doglost missing dogs Penny Winston and Eddie

Doglost Appeal – can you help find Penny, Winston and Eddie?

Christmas is a time to treasure with our pets but heartbreakingly Doglost is trying to reunite thousands of missing dogs with their owners.

We share cases in the hope it might trigger someone to notice something in a dog they may have adopted or even seen in their neighbourhood and get in touch.

While microchipping has been the law in the UK since 2016, it’s not compulsory for vets to scan every new patient and check the data.

As a result, so many dogs are in new homes with owners who don’t even know people are desperately searching for them.

Campaigners like Debbie Matthews of Vets Get Scanning, SAMPA and Doglost are calling to change this but for now, the advice is to make missing dogs ‘too hot to handle.’

This means sharing their faces and stories on social media so people know what has happened to them and hand them in.

This month the owners of Penny, Winston and Eddie share their stories.

  • UPDATE – Eddie has sadly been found by a fisherman who discovered his body on January 25th 2020. His family have thanked everyone who supported them and you can read their statement here on the Help Find Eddie Facebook page.
Missing French Bulldog Penny
Missing French Bulldog Penny

French Bulldog Penny

Penny is a fawn French Bulldog and went missing from her home in Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan, on Friday 18th October 2019.

She is four years old and slim, and her owner Charlotte Newell says she is sometimes mistaken for an older puppy.

On the day she went missing, Charlotte had a workman in her house who Penny knew from previous jobs who was fitting carpets.

She recalled: “The door was opening and closing the whole time so we’re not sure if she ran out or if she escaped from the garden.

“She was last seen at 12pm on Friday 18th October. When I returned at 3.30pm she was gone. Penny has escaped a few times and can jump fences as she loves climbing.

“But I am convinced she was stolen as she always comes home. I’ve asked all neighbours and no-one saw her, not one sighting.

“I’ve been around all the spots we walk and nothing. I think it was a case of an opportunist thief spotting her and we are heartbroken.”

Missing French Bulldog Penny
Penny and her mum Candy cuddled up at home

Because of the popularity of Frenchies and Penny being a young dog, Charlotte naturally fears she has been taken to breed from.

But she can’t have puppies and her family desperately want her home. Identibase, who Penny is microchipped with, have been told she has been taken.

Charlotte has launched social media appeals Facebook and joined Harvey’s Army, Frenchie lost and found, Scouse Pets and Drone SAR for missing dogs.

She said: “It’s the not knowing. We hope she is scanned and I have to go with this optimism and pray that we will get her back.

“I have Penny’s mum at home and she misses her desperately. I have two devastated children who can’t believe anyone would take and keep our dog.

“It’s just awful, if anyone knows anything about her, we just want to know she is safe and to have her home.”

If you can help find Penny, you can contact Charlotte via her Doglost page here or call Doglost on DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 149756

Missing Mini Schnauzer Winston
Mini Schnauzer Winston

Mini Schnauzer Winston

Winston is a five-year-old mini Schnauzer and went missing while on a walk in Blyth, Northumberland on November 28th 2019.

He has a very light salt and pepper coat and had been groomed the week before he vanished from Cambois Beach.

Winston is microchipped and his owner Alizon Carr has launched an appeal across the North East to find him.

His story has been on local radio, his disappearance covered in school assemblies, and his family have had drone and thermal image searches and returned many times to the part of the beach he was last seen.

Missing Schnauzer Winston Doglost
Alizon and Winston

Alizon said: “We are all missing Winston terribly, he is more than ‘just a dog’ to us.

“He’s helped us through some difficult times with bereavement lately and always knows at just the right time to come and give us a cuddle, a nudge or to climb upon our laps.

“There’s no one to meet us excitedly at the door when returning home from work nor any real reason to get wrapped up and embrace the cold North East coast for fun.

“Our days and nights have merged into one either with sleepless nights or night time searches.”

He is microchipped and Alizon’s father-in-law who was with Winston when he ran away and walked him daily is inconsolable.

And her nine-year-daughter Olivia is struggling to cope. Every day for weeks after his disappearance she raced home from school hoping to find he was home.

Missing Schnauzer Winston Doglost
Winston and Olivia

Alizon said: “She’s having to visit friends and family to get the contact with dogs.

“She is finding this very difficult, to cope she is drawing and painting a lot, making posters about him and carries his photo and a cuddly schnauzer toy to school.

“We want more than anything for him to come home. If anyone knows anything, please please let someone know anonymously if needed.

“Drop him off at a vet, a dog daycare place or somewhere else safe and call our numbers. No questions asked and you can still receive the reward.” 

To contact Alizon you can visit her Winston Missing Facebook group.

If you can help find Winston, you can contact Alizon via her Doglost page here or call Doglost on DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 151332

Missing Australian Shepherd Eddie
Missing Australian Shepherd Eddie

Australian Shepherd Eddie

Eddie is a Blue Merl Australian Shepherd and went missing on Saturday 26th October in Dunkeld after he bolted when a gun went off.

The seven-year-old dog was out walking with his family near to the Rumbling Bride in Hermitage when he was scared by the loud bang.

Eddie has distinctive bright blue eyes, freckles on his tummy and a tan mask on his face.

He was wearing a tartan collar and a red/pink bandage on his right leg. He is microchipped and the database updated to show he is lost.

His family live over 70 miles away from where he went missing in Glasgow.

Owner Rachel Galvin said: “Our Christmas wish is to have Eddie home. We are devastated at losing him.

“My two children are five and two years old and they miss him desperately and my daughter has put him at the top of her list to Santa.

“He is a much loved pet and member of the family.”

Rachel has a Facebook page Help Find Eddie and has been using the #helpfindeddie hashtag on social media.

The police, dog wardens and local businesses have been contacted with their appeal, drone and thermal image searches carried out and appeals on many missing pet websites and organisations.

Missing Australian Shepherd Eddie Doglost
Eddie has distinctive freckling on his ears and tummy and striking eye

Rachel said: “We are being supported by Elaine, Robert and Dani from Dana’s Angels and also Katie from Lost Pets Perth and Kinross who have been invaluable in the search process. 

“Our message to anyone who knows anything is that Eddie is a member of our family and our dear friend.

“Life is just not the same without him. We would encourage anyone with information to get in contact in the hope we may be able to bring our dog home for Christmas.”

To contact Rachel on Facebook you can visit the Help Find Eddie Facebook page.

If you can help find Eddie, you can contact Rachel via her Doglost page here or call Doglost on DogLost on 0844 800 3220, quoting dog ID 150388

The chances of pets being found are greatly increased when they are made ‘too hot to handle.’

This means the more people know what they look like and that they are missing, the better, so please share to help the families.

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